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When I was writing Right Concentration: A Practical Guide to the Jhanas I was unsure of how much material I would need for a publishable book. So I just did a brain dump of everthing I could think of related to the Jhānas. This resulted in a huge number of appendices, most of which did not make the final draft of the book. But all this information is still available to you - right below as a series of web pages:

The Precepts
Abandoning the Five Hindrances
Jhāna Factors and the Hindrances
The Gradual Training
The Gradual Training and The Eightfold Path
A Partial List of Insight Practices
MN 111: The Anupada Sutta
Pīti: Physical, Sukha: Mental OR Pīti: Mental, Sukha: Physical?
The Neurological Correlates of the Jhānas
Introduction to Various Interpretations of the Jhanas
  • Vipassanā Jhānas
  • Abhidhamma Jhānas
  • Nimitta
  • Visuddhimagga Jhānas
  • The entire collection of pages above is available as an eBook.
    Many of the above pages are also available individually in eBook format.

    Like all the things of creation, a book is also subject to anicca. Changes that would make Right Concentration a better book, i.e. Errors and Enhancements, will be documented here:
    Errors and Enhancements

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